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Tenniclay is an artificial clay surface using a special polyester fibre carpet manufactured in the UK which has a special grading of  terracotta coloured sand which is dressed into the carpet leaving about 2 mm of loose sand on top which produces the general appearance of a clay court.  The surface is very durable and porous so can be used soon after rain has stopped.  The playing lines are woven into the carpet and stand slightly higher than the rest of the pile.  The surface is easy to play on due to the controlled slide conditions so is less tiring and easier on the joints.  It will require a reasonable amount of maintenance details of which will be given on request.  The carpet is laid on top of a new macadam base or can be laid on top of an existing macadam court subject to survey

Black Macadem

Black Macadem, the original non-attention surface is a hot bitumen macadam which is mixed at an asphalt coating plant and delivered to site, hot, in lorries. The surface is a grit free close textured finish which is porous and requires no general maintenance. Black Macadem is non slip and produces a slow to medium pace game with a reasonably high ball bounce. Black Macadem has traditionally been used by Local Authorities for municipal courts because of its durability. The playing characteristics are improved by colour coating.


Tennideck is a luxury macadem with latex additive as used by most reputable companies. Tennideck is a durable, grit free, porous, allweather surface which is less susceptible to softening in hot weather than standard bitumen courts. The close knit surface is coloured using a textured acrylic coating in light green, dark green or red, or by using two colours to produce a dual tone effect. Tennideck is a medium pace surface with a lower ball bounce than a standard macadam court. Tennideck is the most popular surface for use in tennis clubs and for private courts.


Tech-Tone is a sealed acrylic surface which is non porous. More suited to indoor use in this country, it is however an all weather, maintenance free surface. Tech-Tone is available as a hard or cushioned surface which has fine rubber granules added. In its cushioned form it is less tiring to play on. Tech-Tone is generally a medium to fast game with low ball bounce. The speed of the surface can be adjusted to suit your own requirements by altering the texture of the final layers when being installed. Tech-Tone is used throughout the world at major centres where a high quality fast surface is required.


Tennigrass is an artificial, the latest polyethylene carpet with silica and sand infill. The superior construction of the carpet makes it suitable for tennis or as a general purpose play area. The visual appearance is that of natural grass and the playing characteristics are similar. Tennigrass is available in several specifications to meet different requirements. The standard Tennigrass is ideal for tennis and for light use for other ball games. Tennigrass is porous and not subject to ultraviolet degradation. The playing lines are woven into the carpet. Tennigrass is a very easy surface to play on as it is resilient, it also extends the life of tennis balls as it is non abrasive. Tennigrass can be laid on an existing hard surface, subject to survey.