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Budget Tennis Court Prices for 2017

The prices listed are for a single court measuring 110 feet x 54 feet using standard angle iron fence posts and PVC coated chain link netting.

For multiples of courts in a single fencing enclosure the ‘Rule of Thumb’ guide is to add 80% of the cost of the single court for each additional court.

The prices assume the minimum amount of levelling works and also assume unrestricted access for large lorries.
BLACK MACADAM   £21,000.00
SPRAYED MACADAM   £22.000.00
TENNIDECK   £23,000.00
TECH-TONE   £29,000.00
TENNIGRASS   £35,000.00
TENNICLAY  £38,000.00

The above prices are based on a single layer macadam court. We are happy to provide a two layer macadam court for an additional cost of approximately £3,500.00. Two types of tubular fencing are available at an extra cost from £450.00 to £1,200.00 on listed prices.

Resurfacing prices are dependant on the condition of the existing court but will be approximately 40% of the above prices excluding Tennigrass and Tech-Tone.

Additional Features
Tubular fencing extra cost of £600.00 to £1,300.00
Shingle perimeter and timber edging retaining edge  £1,350.00
Playback wall  concrete   £1,700.00  wooden £760.00
Extra gate £620.00
Paving slab surround (18” wide) £1,600.00
Paving slab surround (24” wide) £2,000.00
Extra edging curb border £800.00
Perimeter drainage £10.00 per lin metre
All the above prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the statutory rate.